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“I booked a massage with your studio because I was bored at home and didn’t want to go out in the heat. The most surprising thing was that I was able to get a massage that night even though it was already well into the evening. You must get booked up sometimes, though next time I’ll make an appointment ahead of time because I wouldn’t want to miss out. Sasha was amazing: a stunning body, beautiful eyes. I thought she might have kind of a delicate or light touch because it was a sensual massage, but she really worked into my muscles as well.”


“I’m so happy I found your service. I called to make an appointment and half an hour later gorgeous Julia arrived at my door. She looks just like her photos on the website (I’ve found this isn’t always the case with other massage sites). Julia gave me a superb-quality massage. I couldn’t have been any happier.”


“Seriously spellbinding. I was kind of lonely on my work trip to New York so I thought I might get a massage while I was in town. A friend referred me to your website, and I’ll be taking him out to dinner next time I see him. Great company, excellent massage, and it was super convenient to be able to use your outcall service.”


“Thank you for your excellent service! I wasn’t sure whether to book in at my regular massage place (they do an amazing job of releasing the tension in my muscles, but there’s nothing sensual about it) or your massage parlor, but I’m so glad I booked in with you. I haven’t had the pleasure of an erotic massage before, but now I’ve discovered it’s like regular massage but even better. I really loved having my whole body touched and the chance to pick a masseuse among ladies on your website was great.”


“An extraordinary session again. If you’re thinking about getting a Nuru massage, do it. Seriously, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. All the girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at Nuru Studio are awesome. Best outcall massage in NYC, for sure.”


Outcall Massage in NYC

Outcall massage in NYC is a service that makes the power of massage available to you even when there’s bad weather or you don’t feel like going out. To experience the best erotic massage service in New York, there’s no need to leave your apartment, hotel room, or even your couch. Simply call +1 917-730-5848 or book a session by filling in the form below and we’ll send a breathtakingly beautiful woman skilled in the art of sensual touch right to your door. All you have to do is let her in and let her work her magic.
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The Power of Erotic Massage

We could use the term “massage therapy” to describe what we do but that would be a serious understatement. Slipping into a state of deep relaxation, intense pleasure, and total bliss is effortless with an outcall massage in Manhattan. Our masseuses cover all kinds of bases, from enthralling and tantalizing to dirty, depraved, or shameless. Remember that erotic massage is all about you and addressing your desires, needs, and curiosity. It’s just like a therapeutic massage or a relaxing massage with all the sneaky extras you wish you could ask for when you have an attractive therapist. If you are longing to get wild and exposed to someone and something new, the steps to booking an outcall massage in NYC with a professional masseuse are simple.

Three Steps to Arranging a Steamy Massage Session

Step one is to pick a girl from our website. Whether your preference is for voluptuous or slim, blonde or brunette, our staff are carefully vetted for their looks, personality, and massage skills.

Step two is to choose the type of massage you would like. We offer all sorts of X-rated sessions including Nuru massage (a style of massage developed in Japan to get around restrictions on the selling of penetrative sex after World War II), massage for couples, and choco slide massage. We also offer intimate grooming, and our signature massage is the drunken orange massage. For this, we combine orange peels, coffee beans, top-shelf bourbon, and Nuru massage gel. If you’re not sure what to book, we recommend you try a traditional Nuru massage first. Also known as a body slide, the special sauce of this massage is Nuru gel, a seaweed-based substance that makes the bodies of the massage therapist and client super slippery. A full body massage with a twist: instead of just using her hands, the masseuse uses her entire naked body to massage yours. You can even combine an erotic massage session with a regular type of massage, for example, Swedish massage, to make sure you take care of any muscle soreness or tension.

Step three is to make your appointment to experience the wanton pleasures of an outcall massage in NYC. Call +1 917-730-5848 or book below and we’ll take care of the rest.

The most exclusive in NYC.
The most exclusive in NYC
The original authentic Tantric Massage.
The original authentic Tantric Massage
Exotic massage techniques in New York.
Exotic massage techniques in New York
Japanese Nuru Gel Body to Body Massage.
Japanese Nuru Gel Body to Body Massage
A sensual experience in the heart of NYC.
A sensual experience in the heart of NYC
An exciting erotic session.
An exciting erotic session
Best sensual massage therapy.
Best sensual massage therapy
The best massage in the center of Manhattan.
The best massage in the center of Manhattan
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Japanese finger pressure nude massage.
Japanese finger pressure nude massage.
Outcall massage services in NYC.
Outcall massage services in NYC
Erotic nude massage in NYC.
Erotic nude massage in NYC
Nuru massage that is available all around NYC.
Nuru massage that is available all around NYC
Brooklyn outcall massage sessions.
Brooklyn outcall massage sessions

Book an Outcall Massage in NYC

You’ve read this entire article so here’s what I know about you. You’re curious, you like to live large, you’ve got desires and fantasies that are waiting to be tapped and you’re wondering if a raunchy massage session can fill the void. In reality, there is nothing easier than organizing an outcall massage in New York. It’s as easy as ordering a pizza, but with the amazing hormones you’ll be releasing into your nervous system, it’s a far superior option. Call +1 917-730-5848 or book below then prepare to strip down to your most passionate self and embrace the divine lust you’ve been looking for.

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