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“Had the most amazing time at Nuru Studio! I got to meet a friendly and experienced staff. After the visit, I felt better after she had suffered three weeks before the visit. This was a truly epic experience for me as finally got a chance to relax.”

— Sean

“This massage session was a non-forgettable moment. The masseuse was gorgeous, and she provided a good atmosphere with applying a little bit of pressure to incorporate a guided stretch. Choco slide massage is highly recommended! A really unusual but amazing experience.”

— Sam

“ I got a massage in March with Sasha. It was the best therapy I’ve ever had. This massage parlor is a great facility that does not only offers custom service but professional services as well.”

— Mark

“I traveled to New York for business. After attending various meetings, I needed to release some stress. I called Nuru Studio and scheduled for a session. Lucy was my masseuse, and she was really friendly and welcoming. She gave me a professional massage that I would never believe I could get. Will definitely come back for more.”

— Greg

“The girls working at Nuru Studio are attentive and ready to change the massage according to guests’ requests. My shoulders were sore after a long workout, and Julia was really gentle with them. A beautiful girl with tender hands. Highly recommend a session with Julia!”

— Jack

Erotic Massage in Flushing, NY

An important attribute of the best erotic massage in Flushing, NY, is the presence of well-trained and experienced masseuses. Our beautiful and sexy girls work every day to provide the most sensational feelings you are unlikely to get in any other massage parlor in New York. These girls, among whom you can choose the most suitable, are familiar with ancient secrets and techniques. They will make you happier and happier after every visit.

Among the various massage parlors that offer Nuru massage, Nuru Studio stands out as one that specializes in quality. Our price list correlates with the quality of service offered and perhaps that’s the reason we are the best massage center in New York.

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Erotic Massage in Flushing, NY: Your Privacy Is a Priority

At our massage parlor, we understand the importance of discretion. When you go for an erotic massage in Flushing, you can be sure that we will never write down your name nor disclose your private data to anyone. We clearly understand that despite the wonderful, relaxing experience, some clients may not want this aspect of their lifestyles known to others. We will work hard to ensure your intimate sessions are confidential. That’s the reason we ask our customers to call in advance to book a session. This way, you are not subject to encounter other customers or wait for our masseurs to be available.

Best Experts of Erotic Massage in Flushing, NY

If you have visited other Nuru massage parlors in New York, you will be surprised at what you encounter and feel at Nuru Studio. Our girls are professionals, who learned from the best in the industry. Their skills are continuously perfected. Combining this with a few tricks can help you burst into true erotic pleasure. Our girls will awaken your primal desires and hidden sexuality patterns to help you attain utter satisfaction.

At Nuru Studio, you can achieve this and more! Whether you are in look for a gentle erotic massage in Flushing or a more exotic body-to-body session in NYC, you can schedule a visit to our massage parlor. We are available any day of the week. Just like an exclusive membership club, we work hard to create an impeccable reputation.

Sensational Nuru Erotic Massage in Flushing, NYC

Nuru Studio provides sensual erotic massage in Flushing that allows you to create a new mindset for growth. Nuru massage helps to build on self-worth and self-esteem. This kind of massage will give improve your body strength as well as sensual life. With the demanding nature of life nowadays, relaxation time is sacred, and nothing can help you relax better than a sensual Nuru massage. This style of massage offers more than relieving accumulated tensions in the muscles, and it also leads to wholesome health over time. At Nuru Studio, our massage specialists add a little flare to the traditional style of Nuru sessions in a manner that leaves you feeling invigorated.

A Nuru massage is effective as it engages raw body contact between the client and the masseuse. In a serene environment, the Nuru specialist and the client strip every attire and special Nuru massage oil are applied to the entire body. The oil is odorless but effective in making you slippery. The masseuse uses her body to rub against that of a client sensually but systematically working the soft and the deep tissues letting you slip into an erotic euphoria. Nuru massage will always help you to unwind from all the stress and tensions in your life.

The most exclusive in NYC.
The most exclusive in NYC
The original authentic Tantric Massage.
The original authentic Tantric Massage
Exotic massage techniques in New York.
Exotic massage techniques in New York
Japanese Nuru Gel Body to Body Massage.
Japanese Nuru Gel Body to Body Massage
A sensual experience in the heart of NYC.
A sensual experience in the heart of NYC
An exciting erotic session.
An exciting erotic session
Best sensual massage therapy.
Best sensual massage therapy
The best massage in the center of Manhattan.
The best massage in the center of Manhattan
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Japanese finger pressure nude massage.
Japanese finger pressure nude massage.
Outcall massage services in NYC.
Outcall massage services in NYC
Erotic nude massage in NYC.
Erotic nude massage in NYC
Nuru massage that is available all around NYC.
Nuru massage that is available all around NYC
Brooklyn outcall massage sessions.
Brooklyn outcall massage sessions

Happy Ending Erotic Massage in Flushing, NY

The aim of a happy ending massage is not only to get the client stimulated but also to achieve an orgasm during ejaculation. The functional dynamics of a human body are outright fascinating from a professional standpoint and for individuals seeking optimal health having a good release now and then keeps their entire system at its best state.

A happy ending typically involves a handjob from a well-seasoned masseuse conducted in an unconventional manner that always gets the clients ecstatic. At Nuru Studio, we only work around your persuasions creating an environment you can express your true self freely. Enjoy all the different styles and techniques from a world-class erotic massage parlor right here in Flushing, NYC.

Why Choose Nuru Studio

We want our clients to come back for more erotic massage sessions in Flushing after every time they visit. That’s why we make sure we give the best massage services possible. If you have any queries or would like clarification about any of our services, our staff is readily available to answer your call. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

At our erotic massage parlor, you will get the best massage services in New York City. Call +1 917-730-5848 to book a massage today. Come and experience the most sensual and exciting moments of your life.

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