Nuru Massage vs Tantra. Advice from NYC masseuse

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Nuru Massage vs Tantra. Advice from NYC masseuse

Would you like to get satisfied after a long day at work? Then having an erotic massage in New York City is a wonderful option for you. However, it’s better to select the right therapy. The most popular practices are Nuru and tantra massage in Manhattan. These techniques have much in common, but there are also some differences between these procedures. A professional masseuse will tell you what makes these sessions special, and which one of them is better for your health.

Tantra massage features

Tantra massage for men is a very sensual procedure with the whole body, which awakens the heart and gives strength, peace and confidence. This experience will help you reach your full potential in love and life.

Tantra massage in NY gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself more and to discover who you really are. Many men through a relaxing sensual experience are now discovering their destiny in life and a deeper understanding of the meaning of their lives.

Tantra massage can help you understand and control your energy so that you can feel confident in yourself and your power in erotic and loving life, as well as in the workplace. As well as troubles such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be eliminated with a tantra massage. Throw away any expectations and let yourself just be yourself, feel and live everything in the present moment.

Features of Nuru massage

Body to body massage has been known since ancient times when it was a therapeutic procedure. After all, thanks to the erotic massage in New York City blood flow increases, and nervous and physical stress is decreased.

The most common erotic massage in NY is the Nuru massage. This bodyrub technique is aimed at stimulation of erogenous zones, increasing blood flow into the pelvic zone, increasing heart rate, becoming an excellent preventive treatment of not particularly serious heart diseases. During the massage, the body of the masseur touches the body of the client.

Thanks to this massage, a person can simultaneously relax and get excited. During the procedure, an important part is occupied by aromatic candles and oils. Thanks to this environment, the client will be able to immerse himself in an intimate atmosphere, in order to tune in to receive special indescribable pleasures.

Nuru massage is a whole ritual, and its peculiarity is that its actions can activate our whole nervous system. But before the procedure, it is necessary to take a hot bath or shower, so that you can relieve tension to prepare your body for the erotic massage in Manhattan.

How does the massage work?

The masseuses of our salon do erotic massage in New York, following the rules:

  • During the massage, any sources of sound are muted because nothing should bother you during the erotic massage session in NY.
  • The massage rooms maintain a stable temperature so that the body does not create clamps that prevent the massage.
  • The massage is conducted in absolute silence.
  • All the movements of the masseuse on the client's body have a sliding character.
  • The body to body massage is performed in total darkness. No feeling should dull down and nothing should distract from pleasure.

Get the pleasure of the Nuru and tantra massage in our salon in NY!


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