There are many ways to unwind when you live in a big city, but the best tantric massage in NYC can give a whole new meaning to relaxation. You'll dive in a world made up of new sensory experiences. Our girls will touch you in a way you've never been touched before, awakening all your senses and relaxing your full body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Nadia: Hot Nuru Massage Body Rub in New York
Polina: Nuru Massage Body Rub in NYC
Emily: Sensual Body Rub  in Manhattan, NYC
Dana: NuruStudio Body Rub in New YorkC
Agata: Hot Nuru Massage Body Rub in New York
Ana: Nuru Massage Body Rub in NYC
Gwen: Sensual Body Rub  in Manhattan, NYC
Marisol: NuruStudio Body Rub in New YorkC
Alice: Hot Nuru Massage Body Rub in New York
Julia: Nuru Massage Body Rub in NYC
Lucy: Sensual Body Rub  in Manhattan, NYC
Sasha: NuruStudio Body Rub in New YorkC
Alice: Hot Nuru Massage Body Rub in New York
Julia: Nuru Massage Body Rub in NYC
Lucy: Sensual Body Rub  in Manhattan, NYC
The most exclusive in NYC.
The most exclusive in NYC
The original authentic Tantric Massage.
The original authentic Tantric Massage
Japanese Nuru Gel Body to Body Massage.
Japanese Nuru Gel Body to Body Massage
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Two Nuru Girls perform as an erotic massage duo.
Japanese finger pressure nude massage.
Japanese finger pressure nude massage.

Nuru Erotic Spa Tantric Massage: A Sensual and Uplifting Experience in New York

Tantric massage is based on Oriental techniques that aim to help you find harmony through both relaxation and the excitement of the senses. An apparent contradiction that blends the best of both worlds.

This technique enhances experiences of both the massager and the massaged, giving them mutual control over the other's desires, feelings, and emotions.

In this erotic massage, the masseuse gives unconditional attention to the receiver, who in turn abandons himself in the hands of the performer. It's a true sensory experience aimed at reaching your deepest desires.

Abandon yourself at the mercy of your senses and experiment the real pleasure and ecstasy while breaking down mental limits and moral constraints here, at Nuru Studio.

We specialize in delivering the ultimate tantra massage in New York. Our trained and highly skilled masseuses know all the secrets of the ancient art of tantra and are waiting for you to enhance your mind, body, and soul.

Call us today on +1 917-730-5848 to book your erotic tantric massage session or ask about the other services we offer. Whichever Nuru massage you choose, we promise you'll live an experience you'll never forget.

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  • We work only with real girls
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New to Nuru Studio? Here's What to Expect

Whether you already tried erotic sessions elsewhere but were unhappy with the service or you're completely new to this world, here's what to expect from us.

Utmost Privacy

At Nuru Studio, we value your privacy and discretion. All our online and phone communications are encrypted in the unbreakable 128-bit format so that they will never be accessed by any third party. We also cancel or overwrite all your booking details right after your session has ended, to give you utmost privacy!

Real Tantric Massage Girl Pictures

Does the girl in the picture look to beautiful to be true? Well, know that she really is that hot! All our massage girls attend in-house photo shoots, and we only upload recent photos of our ladies. You will really meet the girl you've picked during the booking.

High-Standard Locations

At Nuru Studio, we cherish our guests and only receive them in luxury high-standard locations. No gloomy and filthy apartments. Our girls will wait for you in clean, discreet, and easy to access locations equipped with all modern facilities. Fluffy towels included.

High-End Customer Service Team

We want to ensure your tantra experience will run smoothly, that's why our friendly customer service team is available 24/7. Whether it's managing your booking, answering your concerns, or guiding you to an in-call location, all it takes is a call on +1 917-730-5848. You know what? We already set aside a set of fresh towels just for you. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the steps above and get in touch to book your tantric massage in NYC now! Call us on +1 917-730-5848 or send us a message!

Please read a few popular questions and our answers about Nuru Massage

How do I find the right massage therapist for me?

Choose among therapists on the website, give us a call, and make a reservation.

I'm self-conscious about a certain part of my body and don't want the massage therapist to see me. What can I do?

Firstly, remember that massage therapists see differently-shaped bodies all the time. We don’t judge. We just want all our customers to be comfortable and happy. If you do feel self-conscious about a certain area of your body, you can ask your massage therapist to avoid that area. She will not ask any questions, she will simply skip over that body part without any fuss. If you don’t want to lie on your back or front, tell the masseur and she will adjust the session to accommodate that. You can also let your masseur know if you are feeling nervous.

What if the therapist I select is not available when I call for booking?

Our operator is always ready to help you choose a different masseuse or suggest booking a session with someone else for your special requests.

What is couples massage?

Does it turn you on to see your lover enjoying herself? A couples massage involves two romantic partners being massaged by one or two massage therapists. Usually, the couples are side by side and maintain touch throughout the session. Getting a massage together can strengthen intimate relationships by allowing you to experience pleasure without either one of you having to do the work. Both of you can relax and enjoy the seductive touch. A couples massage in NYC is uncensored, untamed and hypnotic. Spice up an established or emerging relationship with this special time together at Nuru Studio.

What is a body rub massage?

What is a body rub massage? A body rub massage is a heavenly, relaxing erotic type of massage. This type of massage therapy is very effective in releasing built-up stress and sexual frustration. Lotion or oil is rubbed over the body then the therapist will rub your entire body, paying special attention to erogenous and sensitive zones. If you are itching for a full body massage that will arouse you but leave you completely satisfied, try a body rub. This kind of massage is also great for alleviating any knots or tension in the body and calming the mind.

To book an appointment now phone our friendly reception team on +1 917-730-5848.

Our masseurs work in all locations: Manhattan, NYC, Soho, West Village, Murray Hill, Midtown West, New Jersey (NJ), Brooklyn