your wife wont know

Gary Chapman, in his book ”5 Languages of Love” says: “The object of love is not getting something you want but doing something for the well-being of the one you love”. But can you make someone happy unless your tank is full? Can you communicate in the right language if you have some unreleased tension, pain and resentments? Does this count as cheating? What is cheating? What exactly are we putting in this powerful destroying everything on it’s path word? CHEATING. With words it’s always what we put into it. What energy are we putting into the word is the most important. Let’s think about sexual pleasure. It’s loaded with energy of happiness, joy, release and forgiveness. In the moment it never feels bad. Now let’s think about a partner who made a perfect image of you in her head and now is overwhelmed with painful discovery of CHEATING. But what happens to the word cheating if we take away the energy of pain, misery and tears (let’s say if the partner will never find out) and leave only joy, happiness, release and forgiveness from the actual act that you committed? That kind of cheating doesn’t look too bad. What if she finds out What meant to be is meant to be. What if your relationship is meant to become something else, maybe only a digit that rhymes with herO? But of course you can be smart (not that you are not already). Why don’t you start with turning off your phone notifications, choosing a crazy password and turning off your iphone’s TouchID (who knows what happens to your fingers while you’re awake).

Choosing disposable numbers is an option but then New York massage parlors will not take you seriously since each time you are new customer for them. It’s 21th century, we know, but we are just like you, trying to be careful. Better choose smart when it comes to happy ending massages in New York! We will never call you and will never share your information with anyone. How do you keep my data safe? First of all we have lot’s of numbers in our encrypted phone. All of them are saved with a code word and a number instead of a name. We know you are our regular but in reality not always sure who exactly is coming. If you want to make an appointment for Nuru Massage in New York, the process will be much easier with a real phone number, especially when you know we are not Equifax when it comes to keeping data securely (they messed up big time). So you won’t text me about New York Bodyrub at 3am on a slow day? NOOOOO!!!!! That’s unthinkable … that we may have a slow day! :)) We never text first, only as a reply. If you texted us one hour ago we would’ve probably replied already. We understand you may be with someone in the room by now and maybe our erotic massage is not the best thing to discuss right now, so we would rather be waiting to hear from you again.


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