Tantra Massage

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Tantra Massage

“Be loving toward your body, befriend your body, revere your body, respect your body, take care of your body-it is nature’s gift. Treat it well and it will reveal great mysteries to you. All growth depends on how you are related to your body.” Osho

Remember, in most situations where couples are involved it is the man who holds the key to Tantra in sexual relations. Both partners need to be attuned to the Tantric practices, for pure Tantric transcendent enlightenment, but it is the man who usually determines the duration of the act. No matter how much a woman may long for Tantric Unions, it is the man who must first facilitate them. The man must become committed to lengthening the duration of union, a thereby new evolution in the direction of purification and opening.

For men, Tantric practice is important to develop for many health benefits.


The methods I provide in session support a full scope of yoga-based breath and sensory opening practices. Applying and gradually mastering the practices of Tantra, frees you from the negative stigmas often times attached to sensuality. In Tantra, sensuality becomes another aspect of your spiritual capabilities, and thus you reach a higher plane of consciousness, and respect for the divine feminine.

Sacred Tantric Healing is of the many means you have to continually nudge your nervous system toward the higher purpose of your enlightenment. Though Sacred Tantric Healing Practices you can enjoy your body energy circulating in ways you may have never imagined. Good Tantra is very liberating all the way around, for psychical health, physical health, spiritual calm and. “wow. . . who doesn’t want to enjoy more vitality and joy in their living experience?”

“Howl,” she says. . . “howl. . . ” xo Dakini

So, in session. . . I first like to spend some time tuning together through eye gazing, guiding you through somatic breath. Sessions focus on guiding you to open move beyond logic, rational and linear thought processes. You will learn the many stages of circulating Sacred Tantric Energy throughout your visceral being, and open your ability follow intuitive guidance, cultivate confidence, intimacy, joy, kindness, and successes in your Life. You will learn practices to continue at home.


. . Here is an overview of what I can teach you as an individual. . .

  • Sacred Tantric Spiritual Perspective
  • Tantra as Honoring the Body
  • Breath Practices
  • Pleasure Focus
  • Heart Opening
  • Opening Blocked Energy through Chakra Balancing
  • Emotional Attunement / Expression
  • Tantric Energetic Circulation Practice for Cultivating Duration and Transcendence

Benefits. . .
*Relationship Growth
*Enjoy deeper, better quality sleep and libidinal drive
*Feel and look younger, more vital
*Calm Anxiety, Increase Stamina (PE, ED issues)
*Healthier mind and body will attract you to healthier habits and people
*Emotional awareness, self acceptance, value in your gifts
*Healthy boundaries for self-care and protection
*Nutrition, cleanse and care for your beautiful body through diet, exercise, habits
*Creative support for artists
*Heal from surgery or injury
*Heal trauma from the past and develop a healthier relationship with yourself
*Become more aware of your dreams, your truth, trust in your intuitive guidance
*Experience deeper Passion and Fulfillment Everyday


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