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Gary Chapman, in his book ”5 Languages of Love” says: “The object of love is not getting something you want but doing something for the well-being of the one you love”. But can you make someone happy unless your tank is full? Can you communicate in the right language if you have some unreleased tension, […]



Erotic Massage NYC

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An erotic spa starts from massaging of the head and slowly moves down to the chest and eventually ends up in a finger job. Depending on what package you select, it can also include a hand job or even masturbating the client. One must not mistake a Nuru massage in New York for an act of […]







Did you ever feel overwhelmed with holidays, birthdays, weddings and all those events that life throws at us? At Nuru Studio it’s all about FUN and PLEASURE. When you book your appointment, consider it a gift to your body, an amazing way of relaxation and deserved intimacy. Next time you go to Starbucks and pick […]


When it comes to NURU STUDIO, you can always expect the highest quality services in the most convenient Manhattan locations.

Nuru is one of the most exquisite Japanese massage techniques, which has been conquering the hearts of men and women all over the world for centuries.

So we are glad to provide the best Nuru massage NY you could ever experience.

Before starting our business, we dug deep into the history of this impressive way to induce body and mind enjoyment. In our free time we practice on each other.

Nuru comes from the Japanese word “slippery”, which transforms into special gel that helps enhance the process beyond anything our clients have experienced before.

The erotic side of Nuru massage is super exsiting! You’ll ask why? Because on a rainy day in New York there is nothing better than hot body to body massage.. However, the relaxation and mental rehabilitation, which come with it, are impressive as well.

The ancient Japanese massage gurus put their experience and knowledge to create something out of the ordinary. Today, we learned how to improve the old techniques and make them even more enjoyable for the modern client.

New York Japanese massage is a way to find a delicate balance between erotic arousal and a peace of mind. Getting an unforgettable experience is often hard for people, who seem to have tried everything in their lives. It’s our goal to show even the most capricious clients that they still have something new to enjoy.

When opening erotic spa in New York, we tried to create the ideal conditions for clients with a variety of needs and desires. Over the years, we’ve received only the best reviews from men and women in NYC area. Our dedication to enjoyment, relaxation, and happiness has taken us a long way.

Sensual massage doesn’t just make you feel heavenly inside, it allows you to relax your mind and feel fresh and renewed.

We made it one of our goals to help our clients enjoy a mix of body and mind sensations while improving their mood, cardiovascular health, and skin condition.

The benefits of the Nuru massage are numerous. We are trying hard to bring you the best of the best while making the experience truly unforgettable.

Our body to body massage helps our clients feel the extreme depth of the ancient technique while discovering the nerve endings they never knew existed.

Our professional masseuses provide the best four hands massage in New York.

We allow you to double your pleasure and make an extra effort to help you remember our services.

We try to do everything possible to bring the ancient Japanese art to life for our clients. The erotic, sensual, and highly intoxicating massages are bound to make you come back for more.

Our parlor massage Manhattan can exceed your expectation. We recommend you to try the services of our gorgeous, professional and extraordinary masseurs that can make your body and mind melt with pleasure.

The variety of services we offer may seem overwhelming. We recommend choosing one at home and then allowing our beautiful girls to help you adjust the options.

No matter what you choose, be it body rub massage Manhattan. Tantric massage or relaxation massage, rest assured, you’ll leave fully satisfied.

At our salon, we pay special attention to the atmosphere. We know how important it is for our clients to feel fully relaxed. That’s why we provide utter privacy, large massage tables, convenient showers, and bottled water.

The best body massage NYC starts with the right environment. Our masseurs do our best to help you relax and dive into the sea of unforgettable pleasures.

Choosing a parlor for Nuru massage Manhattan used to be tough. Thankfully, these days you don’t have to worry about questionable experiences. At our salon, you’ll get the best Nuru massage you can dream of.

All the amazing things you have read about Nuru come to life in front of your eyes. Your body will get the most sensual experience, the reminder of which will stay with you for many days to come.

Our Nuru massage NYC has many enjoyable nuances and unforgettable motions. We don’t just focus on choosing the most beautiful masseuses with highly appealing body curves. We make sure they have extensive experience bringing you the pleasures you will want to come back for.

The key to the best erotic massage in Manhattan is the connection between the body and mind. Sensual massage goes way back into history. Ancient Japan masseuses knew how to perform the body-to-body experience and relaxation.

At Nuru Studio you can experience the most exquisite erotic massage in NYC. You will leave feeling calm, relaxed, and satisfied. The best Japanese massage of Manhattan will definitely make you come back for more.

The services we offer range from relaxation to tantric massage Manhattan. We hire masseurs, who can provide our clients with any option upon request. Upon coming to our parlor, you will have a short chat with one of your gorgeous masseuses.

You can change your preferences before you enter. Whether you want adult massage Manhattan or just a sensational back rub, we are ready to satisfy your wishes.

If you’ve never enjoyed a body to body massage Manhattan, you can try it in our salon. The best NYC body to body massage involves coming into full contact with one or two of our professional masseuses.

That’s why they know how to use their talents to give an ultimate relaxation and pleasure. Using one body to massage another is a special way to distribute pressure along your nerve endings and give you a sensation you’ve never felt before.

For these reasons our masseurs use Nuru gel, which doesn’t have a taste or odor while being a perfect lubricant for a great happy ending massage Manhattan.

Nuru traditions go back in time. We have gathered the most useful information about the technique to bring you the best of the best. Our masseurs find an individual approach to each client to make sure the.

Happy ending massage NYC is something that happens alot with Nuru Massage, nothing to be ashamed of.. If you haven’t tried Nuru massage before, you’ll be amazed at how harmoniously the body-to-body experience.

Blends in with the sensual massage in Manhattan.

One of our most demanded services is four hands massage Manhattan. If you want to double your pleasure and relaxation, you can consider asking two masseurs to make the process even more intense.