Nuru massage is a way to please each part of your body. Booking the first session with one of our masseuses, you discover the world of new sensations. Only soft and gentle movements are achieved with a fantastic Nuru body lotion, containing natural compounds that will never cause any allergies. Forget about boredom and get delighted with a beautiful masseuse's body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Nuru massage appeared in Japan hundreds of years ago. This technique is well thought out and maximally useful. It gets its name from the nori seaweed that is contained in the gel used while performing the session. This colorless gel has no aroma or flavor. During the massage, the gel serves as an excellent conductor between the two bodies, hence Nuru in Manhattan. The oily nori gel will never cause allergies, so its use will not cause discomfort.

What is good about Nuru massage?

Nuru massage in NY is not a classic erotic massage at all. So you can understand how the session goes, close your eyes and imagine:

  • Before you start the Nuru massage, an enchanting and naked masseuse will slowly and gently spread the gel all over your body, passing her palms over each area of your body.
  • The masseuse will smear gel on her own body before your eyes, awakening in you an intimate trust and arousing the eye with a piquant spectacle.
  • An oily Nuru gel makes the skin smooth, wet, and silky, so it's time for the two bodies to slide against each other.

The mystery behind Nuru massage sessions

And now let's uncover the mystery of this ancient Japanese technique:

  • The guest is laid on a special mattress that does not slip on the floor during the Nuru session. Any clothing in the Nuru massage is superfluous. That is why it is worth getting rid of them for the session, both for the guest and the masseuse.
  • At first, the guest lies with his back to the masseuse so that she can start sliding over him. This position is necessary to achieve deeper relaxation, create excitement, and tune in to a wave of calmness.
  • The main zest of this technique is that every inch of the masseuse is brought to the state of goosebumps. The masseuse, gently kneading her guest's body, charges him with her energy, which helps to experience more intense intimate sensations.
  • The most vivid and memorable part comes next. The client should turn over on the back so that the masseuse can work on the abdominal area.

The Japanese are convinced that the only way to reach the heights of bliss is through a crazy exchange of energy. They are unequivocally right: it is enough to come to a Nuru in NYC to verify this assertion. Ecstasy from this fantastic procedure is the most desirable thing that can happen to the body and mind.

Why our masseuses are the best in Nuru massage

Our masseuses will occupy a place in your heart. It is simply impossible to forget them. And you will definitely decide to come back to their sessions. They will touch your body with theirs, help you relax completely, and find yourself on the threshold of extraterrestrial bliss, in ways you didn't even know existed.

Our masseuses have passed a strict selection. They know everything about how to conduct Nuru massage procedures in New York and how to please the most demanding clients. Despite being young, our girls are professional, ready to talk to you about almost everything you want, and never stop working on their skills. That's why they can give you the most extraordinary moments of your life during a Nuru massage.

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A Magnificent Atmosphere of a Nuru Massage

An important part of a Nuru massage is a relaxing atmosphere. There are several methods to create this atmosphere:

● Calm pastel colors in the interior of the room and dim light will provide relaxation and comfort.

● Essential oils set the scent, which sets the coziness of the room.

● Quiet, calm, and relaxing music promotes complete relaxation. Thanks to it, you can completely forget about your daily problems and concentrate on your health.

How to Make Nuru Even Better

Nuru massage in Midtown West can become even more beneficial if you remember to rebound your body after it. Drinking plenty of water after Nuru helps in the regeneration of your tissues. Massage movements stimulate the lymphatic circulation system, which collects all toxins and impurities and removes them from the body. In this process, water comes to the rescue to help flush toxins out of the body.

Eat a light meal a couple of hours after Nuru massage in Midtown West. If you feel hungry after the massage, don't eat immediately. Wait and then choose some light food. This can be a light snack, such as stewed or lightly roasted vegetables with a cup of herbal tea.

At home, you can take a bath after a Nuru massage. Add sea salt to the water for a bath, as it contains magnesium sulfate, which will also help cleanse the body of toxins and detoxes. However, a simple warm bath after Nuru massage in Midtown West will be enough. Just make sure it's warm. It will have a soothing effect on the skin.

Please read a few popular questions and our answers about Nuru Massage

What are your cancellation policies?

We don’t have any cancellation policies, but we always appreciate it when you give us a notice in advance. If you are late for a session, we reserve the right to invite another guest. However, it rarely happens.

What is included in the session time?

From your time with us, you can expect body rub therapy in combination with a customized Nuru slide and bodywork techniques.

Are you legit?

We're totally legit. This website advertises companionship and NON-therapeutic bodywork only, especially Nuru slippery which doesn't require any certification in NY state. We don't offer any illegal services. We are performers, not medical or massage professionals.

What do I do during my massage therapy treatment?

This is really up to you. At Nuru Studio we offer many different options including a Massage Her service. This is for men who like to touch as well as be touched. But if all you want to do is lie back, relax and use your imagination to think about what’s coming next, that’s fine too! If you need to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or if you find yourself dozing off, rest assured that your therapist won’t be offended at all. Our only desire is to work out what gives you the goosebumps that you’re looking for.

Will massage be painful or uncomfortable to receive?

Should a massage be painful? While some types of massage, like Shiatsu or deep tissue massage, are more forceful than others, massage therapy should never cause severe discomfort or pain. Massage therapists will not always be able to tell what the best level of pressure for any particular client is so it’s important that you speak up, tell your masseur your preferences up front and let her know if a massage is too hard or too soft. Also, let your masseur know if you have any particularly sensitive areas and be aware of any medical conditions that will cause pain.