Delight yourself with erotic massage in New York. Well-shaped girls are waiting for you. Order a therapy to satisfy your body and rest from your everyday problems. This session is a wonderful choice for your intimate health.

Erotic massage combined with exotic massage techniques is a real relaxation for the body. Professional girls working in our salon will do their best to make the session memorable and beneficial for clients. Choose such a relaxation if you want to renew your strength, to recover after a working day, to enjoy the company of beautiful masseuses, to feel excitement and relaxation at the same time.

The rich interior of the salon is charming at first sight, and it is cozy and comfortable for every visitor. There is a huge choice of masseuses, and any of them will keep you company.

The main things about erotic massage

Erotic massage among various leisure activities in New York is one of the most attractive for many men. In our salon, you get an opportunity not only to relieve tension but also to spend your leisure time in the company of the most beautiful masters of erotic massage in NYC.

Girls who work in the salon, beautiful and seductive. They control not only the reactions of your body but with pleasure support, the conversation on any topic, so relax in their company is guaranteed, and they will satisfy not only the body but also the soul.

As soon as you find yourself in the salon of erotic massage in NY, you can choose any masseuse you like best by appearance or experience. To help you with your choice, we offer to see a whole gallery of photos in each girl's account. On the pages, you can read the descriptions of the masseuses, learn about their experiences and preferences.

Moreover, some programs even allow you to choose several masseuses, which means that all our specialists perfectly interact with each other and give you a fantastic experience of the procedure.


How do massage sessions work?

The event itself can be held in the following stages:

  • The session starts with a classical technique. The girl gently stretches your shoulders, massages your back and chest muscles, which will allow you to fully relax and get used to the atmosphere.
  • Then, the masseuse moves on to the intimate areas and focuses on the erogenous areas. She strokes, rubs and makes progressive movements to bring you to the maximum excitement.
  • The procedure ends with a bright relaxation, which completely relieves tension and stabilizes the emotional state.

Advantages of an erotic massage

Our masseuses work wonders with their tender, gentle hands and seductive bodies. Under the influence of erotic massage in New York, a number of positive changes take place in the human body:

  • The blood supply of all organs and systems is improved;
  • Fatigue, stress, headaches are all eliminated;
  • The pain in the joints disappears;
  • Vital energy is stimulated, forces are renewed;
  • Increases potency and improves erection.

What's more, after the first therapy you will normalize your sleeping cycles. However, to get all pros, you should visit erotic massage sessions regularly.

Why should you trust us?

We are trusted by dozens of clients. Men in New York City choose our erotic massage services for several reasons:

  • Private service and strict adherence to the anonymity of each guest;
  • Comfortable furniture for the massage;
  • The use of oils and gels from natural ingredients;
  • The convenient location of the salon will easily get from any area of New York;
  • Fair and transparent prices for unforgettable massage sessions;
  • A memorable atmosphere, filled with passion.

Visit our salon of erotic massage in New York. Guests love it here, they come here again and again for a portion of pleasure and benefit. The seductive masseuses will arrange an unforgettable weekend for you! Do not put off for later - come to our massage salon in NY.

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Please read a few popular questions and our answers about Nuru Massage

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

No, and we don’t even suggest tipping your masseuse. It’s always up to you.

What are your hours of operation?

Mon-Fri: 10:00am > 3:00am
Sat: 10:00am > 3:00am
Sunday: 10:00am > 3:00am

Where are you located?

EAST 37 ST / Grand Central area-, New York City

What are the benefits of Nuru massage?

The benefits of the exotic art of Nuru massage are many. First up, it’s incredibly pleasurable. Perhaps the most fun you can have in New York City! What could go wrong with a bottle of frictionless gel, a frisky masseuse and ample time to get lost in her hypnotic touch? Nuru massage therapy not only relieves stress, but it also relaxes sore and tired muscles. The Nuru massage gel (made from the same type of seaweed used to make sushi) will leave your skin moisturized and supple. This type of massage therapy is also useful for eliminating toxins from the body.

Can I get a massage if I’m in any pain?

Yes. Just about every civilization in human history has used massage to treat pain and illness. While a Nuru or erotic body rub massage is not a therapeutic type of massage therapy, it will alleviate muscle soreness or tension. If you are wondering if a sensual massage and back pain go together, rest assured that this kind of massage therapy should not make mild muscle soreness or tension any worse and may provide some relief. Please see a doctor if you are in moderate or severe pain or have a chronic injury as any physical activity could cause further problems.