Feel complete relaxation with a body to body massage in New York. No negative emotions and pain - only pleasure and fantastic emotions during the entire procedure. Fulfill your daily life and add beauty to your routine. If you have problems with your physical health, a body to body massage session will help you forget about them for a couple of hours, and after several procedures, you will get more energized. Book a session with our beauties to help ...      

Every day we struggle with many situations that cause us stress, from dissatisfaction with our reflection in the mirror to problems at work. Fortunately, negativity can be interrupted, and all lost energy can be restored with a body to body massage in Manhattan.

Why You Should Book a Body to Body Massage

Whether your pain is muscular or emotional, a body to body massage in NYC will help it go away much faster. Primarily, this procedure is indicated for those who have recently suffered a serious injury or suffer from back pain, but for relatively healthy people as well, it won't be superfluous. So, even if you feel no pain, a body to body massage in NY is your best solution.

Besides, even a single body to body massage session improves blood circulation. Tension and excessive stress block blood flow in the body, which causes pain and fatigue. To restore blood circulation and remove barriers, a body to body massage in New York is great for you. It increases the flow of oxygen to every cell and helps nutrients get into every corner of your body.

What's more, regular body to body massage sessions with our experienced masseuses help you reduce stress. Stress destroys health. It is by far the most common ailment of people, resulting from prolonged stressful activities. You can get rid of it by changing your daily routine or by taking a vacation, but you don't always have the opportunity to do it, whereas it's much easier to set aside an hour for a body to body massage. Such a session with a professional can relieve accumulated joint tension and improve your well-being, so this procedure shouldn't be put off for a better time.

A body to body massage improves the quality of sleep. Do you remember the last time you fell asleep easily, slept through the night, and didn't feel tired in the morning? Such therapy will allow you to get rid of the feeling of heaviness in your shoulders and quality relaxation, and this is what you need for healthy sleep.

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How to prepare for a Body to Body Massage

You should start preparing for a body to body massage in NYC at home. To do this, it is important:

● Before making an appointment with a body to body massage therapist, study the indications and contraindications;

● It's necessary to take care of clothing. It should be free and comfortable;

● It's better to leave jewelry at home, as they can interfere with the work;

● It's important to choose appropriate skincare products after the massage;

● It's recommended to take a shower (at least 1.5 hours before a body to body massage in NY) to warm up the muscles and expand the pores.

To fully enjoy a body to body massage in Manhattan, prepare for the procedure when you've already come to your specialist:

● You should come to the session well in advance (10-20 minutes). This will allow you to get used to the environment and relax.

● It's better to turn off the sound on the phone and other distracting gadgets so as not to disturb the session.

● At the beginning of the procedure, tell the specialist what the tasks are. You should talk about any allergies and chronic diseases.

What You Should Avoid Before a Body to Body Massage

Before the procedure, you shouldn't:

● Apply cosmetics to the skin (creams, lotions, oils). The susceptibility of the epidermis will significantly worsen.

● Take food less than 2 hours before the procedure. It should have time to digest. Massage with a heavy stomach will not bring proper pleasure.

● Take alcohol less than 24 hours before the session. The effects of massage on the body include vasodilation, which can contribute to a renewed feeling of intoxication.

● Come to the session sick. The procedure can exacerbate the symptoms.

Ready to enjoy and forget all your problems? Book a body to body massage session in NY.

Please read a few popular questions and our answers about Nuru Massage

What are your cancellation policies?

We don’t have any cancellation policies, but we always appreciate it when you give us a notice in advance. If you are late for a session, we reserve the right to invite another guest. However, it rarely happens.

What is included in the session time?

From your time with us, you can expect body rub therapy in combination with a customized Nuru slide and bodywork techniques.

Are you legit?

We're totally legit. This website advertises companionship and NON-therapeutic bodywork only, especially Nuru slippery which doesn't require any certification in NY state. We don't offer any illegal services. We are performers, not medical or massage professionals.

What do I do during my massage therapy treatment?

This is really up to you. At Nuru Studio we offer many different options including a Massage Her service. This is for men who like to touch as well as be touched. But if all you want to do is lie back, relax and use your imagination to think about what’s coming next, that’s fine too! If you need to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or if you find yourself dozing off, rest assured that your therapist won’t be offended at all. Our only desire is to work out what gives you the goosebumps that you’re looking for.

Will massage be painful or uncomfortable to receive?

Should a massage be painful? While some types of massage, like Shiatsu or deep tissue massage, are more forceful than others, massage therapy should never cause severe discomfort or pain. Massage therapists will not always be able to tell what the best level of pressure for any particular client is so it’s important that you speak up, tell your masseur your preferences up front and let her know if a massage is too hard or too soft. Also, let your masseur know if you have any particularly sensitive areas and be aware of any medical conditions that will cause pain.