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Nuru Massage Gel and How It Can Heighten Intimacy

Erotic Massage with Nuru Gel

Nuru massage gel is used in parlors and bedrooms around the world to deliver a heightened sense of satisfaction and arousal. Nuru massage first originated in Japan. This is a session where both the therapist and the client cover their bodies in a slippery lotion in order to use the body slide technique. The name of this body treatment means ‘slippery’.

A More Erotic Massage with Nuru Gel

Nuru gel has no color or odor. It is made from natural nori seaweed. This form of massage can be enjoyed by men and women. Over recent years, Nuru massage has seen a big rise in popularity, with more and more visitors to massage parlors requesting this service. Nuru massages can be carried out on massage tables, but they can also be given on beds and mattresses. Nuru massage gel acts as a lubricant and can make both client and therapist feel very slippery indeed. Although Nuru massages originated in Japan, they are now enjoyed in countries all over the world.

Full Body Contact

Nuru massages have become incredibly popular amongst couples due to their incredibly erotic and sensual nature. They can be used to improve the physical and emotional connection between couples. The Nuru massage is regarded as a spiritual journey in Japanese culture. There are many different health benefits attached to this body treatment. Many surveys have found a considerable increase in well-being once Nuru-based treatments have been provided. Experienced massage therapists can even remove toxins from the body during a Nuru massage. Nuru massage is well known for being incredibly arousing and relaxing.

Body on Body Massage at Home

It’s even possible to create your own Nuru massage gel at home if you have the time and patience. However, many people do opt to purchase readymade gel. Nuru gel consists of a wide range of ingredients, and these tend to include authentic nori seaweed extract and aloe vera to nourish the skin. It’s also possible to create your own similar sensual gel by using coconut oil. This won’t be as messy as Nuru gel, but it shares many of the benefits, being ideal for full body-to-body massage experiences.

Preparing for Home Massage

If you do decide to organize a session at home with your own DIY Nuru gel, don’t risk ruining your expensive fabrics. You can instead use a special transparent sheet for massage. You can avoid problems with excess oil by using a thick flannel sheet and a mattress protector. These can prevent your experience from becoming an expensive and stressful one as opposed to relaxing and stressful.

Heighten the Arousal

When you are giving a Nuru massage, it’s important to use your entire body to deliver a highly authentic, mind-blowing experience. You can start by asking your partner to lay with their face down. You can glide your stomach, chest and legs across their back, supporting your weight with your hands whilst you rub your naked body across theirs. Long glides and circular motions can be incredibly sensual and deliver a highly fulfilling experience.

Special Massage Techniques

It’s possible to deliver a highly sensual experience without learning any special skills, but you can turn a good Nuru massage into a great, unforgettable one by mastering a few valuable massage techniques. Things can go the next level when you flip your partner over and glide your body over the most sensitive areas of theirs. It’s important to keep up the full-body contact as much as you can. For many couples, these highly sensual sessions end with intense love-making. Another nice bonus of this massage lotion is that you can easily rinse the Nuru massage gel away with warm water.


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