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massage happy ending

Going for a massage is easy but at the same time, enjoying each and every moment of the massage is difficult. People who are going for the Happy Ending massage in New York must understand some protocols of the massage and they should follow the instructions of the masseuse with great care. You should always remember that you are here for pleasure and you are paying for it. You should ask for everything from the massage parlor that they have committed and that is required for the successful culmination of the massage.

Reach your massage room, strip your clothes and enjoy the soothing ambiance, rest leave it on the professional masseuse, she will take care of the next.

These things will contribute in creating a great happy ending in New York:

1. Get Naked soon
Before reaching the massage room, kindly understand that it is going to be a naked massage and you will be asked to remove your clothes. Do not feel shy to get naked in front of your masseuse. You are not supposed to put underwear even unless the masseuse asks you to do so. Even thin underwear can be a roadblock to your ultimate pleasures.

2. Make your masseuse feel comfortable
Do not feel shy and participate as much as you can in the massage. Make your masseuse comfortable and show her that you love what she is doing to you. Indulge yourself in the activity and show her some love. Do not just be like a corpse and make lively attempts to please your masseuse.

3. Have an erection
This does not mean you have to show your fuck the massage girl. When you show her your erection, she knows that her work is going right way and you are enjoying your time with her. Erection is a good sign for the Happy Ending in New York. The more enthusiasm you show, the better the massage with turn out to be.

4. Make nice sounds
Make nice and interesting sounds to please your masseuse. Your sounds will help her to understand the pleasure you are getting from the massage. If you do not want to produce sounds, just tell her that she is doing well. She will love your reaction on her massage and she will try to please you more.

5. Take bath before you come for massage
Do not smell while you lie down for a massage. If you had a hectic day, make sure that you take a bath before you reach the massage room. Even the massage room will have a bathroom to get a quick shower.

Follow these steps and enjoy the perfect Happy Ending in New York.


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