How Much Does a Nuru Massage Cost? Average Erotic Massage Prices

How Much Does it Cost to Book Nuru Massage

At Nuru Studio, we value our guests and know how important it is to get a rough wallet damage estimate before calling in to book a session. Erotic massage rates vary widely, depending on services included and sometimes on the level of expertise of the masseuse.

Erotic massage is much more than a simple massage. Attractive girls will introduce you to a whole new world made up of sensations you never knew existed. Professionalism and experience dictate the price of such service.

While getting a cheap “erotic” massage is easy in a dubious massage parlor, at Nuru Studio Erotic Spa you’ll get to understand the value of a fantastic full-service you’ll never forget.

Erotic Body to Body Nuru Massage

Perhaps the most popular type of sensual massage among our guests is the body to body massage. Our girl will massage you with her naked body, in a symphony of movements that will quickly blow up your mind. You can expect to pay no more than $250 for such enjoyment, or slightly more if you decide to have the massage at your home or hotel.

Bodyrub Massage

Bodyrub, or Change Role massage, attracts those who love some role play and want to try something new. You’ll get to lead the game, massage our girl, and control her sensations while caressing her entire body in the process. As we appreciate those who love giving rather than receiving, our Bodyrub prices don’t exceed $200 for in-calls or $400 for out-calls.

Choco Slide Massage

Have you ever heard of those invigorating chocolate massages the rich and famous swear by? If it’s your dream to try it, know that at Nuru, we do it better. Blending the energizing benefits of a chocolate massage with the sensual touches of an erotic one, we can easily awaken your senses and skyrocket your mood. An hour of chocolate pleasure is priceless, but you can get it for about $400.

Bourbon Massage

Another decadent combination of exquisite aromatherapy, body to body massage, and a warm touch of cinnamon honey bourbon. It’s hard to forget the luxurious feel of this type of service performed in a charming ambiance. Slightly cheaper than the Chocolate Slide, the Bourbon massage is our signature service that will leave your wallet with about $300 lighter.

Light Fetish Massage

Have you ever dreamt of being massaged by a hot nurse or naughty schoolgirl? At Nuru Studio, we can make all your dreams come true. Role-playing is our specialty, and our girls can bring to life all your hidden fantasies. We love spicing things up and adding a bit of fantasy to the game, that’s why a Light Fetish session will cost you no more than a regular erotic massage.

Couples Massage

If you’re an open-minded couple, or if you’re single and want to enjoy the company of two masseuses instead of one, then our couples massage service is for you. Double the fun and pleasure, but not the prices. An average session will only cost you around $400.

Getting an erotic massage is a unique experience to try at least once in your lifetime. Either alone or with your better half, you’ll get to discover new sensations and reach a level of deep relaxation you’ve never experienced before.

Some may argue erotic massage is expensive, but how much is your well-being worth? How much does a Nuru massage cost? We’re not talking numbers. The only way to find its real value is by experiencing it! Call us at +1-917-730-5848 to book your session.


Are you flirting with the idea of enjoying a sensual massage? Our erotic spa awaits you, but how much does a Nuru massage cost?


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