Massage FAQ

Please read a few popular questions and our answers about Nuru Massage

What is NURU massage?

Nuru Massage is the most ancient Japanese art level erotic massage. The Japanese word "Nuru" stands for "slippery". It is nothing but Nuru gel and bare skin. This type of erotic massage in New York actually is not very hard to find. A lot of SPAs seem to offer it but of course, not all of them know what they're doing.

What massage services do you provide?

Nuru massage, couples massage, body rub or change roles, light fetish, choco slide, and Bourbon massages. All sessions are professional and sensual, we accept last-minute appointments and never rush.

Who is welcome?

We welcome nice and respectful gentlemen who are in need of a break during the day of busy work and want to have a heavenly hour in a beautiful place in Manhattan, NY, with gorgeous masseuses.

How do I find the right massage therapist for me?

Choose among therapists on the website, give us a call, and make a reservation.

I'm self-conscious about a certain part of my body and don't want the massage therapist to see me. What can I do?

Firstly, remember that massage therapists see differently-shaped bodies all the time. We don’t judge. We just want all our customers to be comfortable and happy. If you do feel self-conscious about a certain area of your body, you can ask your massage therapist to avoid that area. She will not ask any questions, she will simply skip over that body part without any fuss. If you don’t want to lie on your back or front, tell the masseur and she will adjust the session to accommodate that. You can also let your masseur know if you are feeling nervous.

What if the therapist I select is not available when I call for booking?

Our operator is always ready to help you choose a different masseuse or suggest booking a session with someone else for your special requests.

How long will it take to reach me if I call now?

If you book one of our models for an outcall service, it depends where exactly in New York you are. We usually arrive within a thirty-minute time frame.

How long is a massage?

We have different options, which vary from 30 minutes to 120 minutes of pure bliss. We recommend booking longer sessions, and we always give out discounts for real Nuru massage lovers that visit us regularly.

Do you offer massage gift cards?

Yes. You can put a smile on your partner’s face and surprise them with a Nuru Studio gift card. A sensual present for any occasion.

Do I need a prescription to receive a Nuru massage?

No. Our body healers will invite you to the Nuru room and prescribe you a good mood, quality time, and relaxing session.

How much does a Nuru massage cost?

Prices for our sensual massage in New York vary from $160 to $500. We can also provide custom sessions. Please note: there is no FULL service and NO extras.

What forms of payment do you take?

We securely accept payments in cash.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

No, and we don’t ask to tip your masseuse. It’s always up to you.

What are your hours of operation?

Mon-Fri: 10:00am > 1:00am
Sat: 10:00am > 1:00am
Sunday: 10:00am > 1:00am

Where are you located?

EAST 37th ST, New York City

What are your cancellation policies?

We don’t have any cancellation policies, but we always appreciate it when you give us a notice in advance. If you are late for a session, we reserve the right to invite another guest. However, it rarely happens.

What is included in the session time?

From your time with us, you can expect body rub therapy in combination with a customized Nuru slide and bodywork techniques.

Are you legit?

We're totally legit. This website advertises companionship and NON-therapeutic bodywork only, especially Nuru slippery which doesn't require any certification in NY state. We don't offer any illegal services. We are performers, not medical professionals.

Can I just show up?

Sorry, but absolutely not! We are seeing our guests by appointment only. We are very discreet and respect your privacy.

How do I make an appointment?

It's a very easy process. All you need is just to call us.

Are the pictures real?

Our models personally chose all of the pictures, and we can VERIFY that they honestly describe their appearance. When you see our models you'll be highly surprised because they look even better in person. We strive to deliver the best New York experience to each of our visitors!

Can I take a shower before/after?

Erotic Nuru massage requires a shower before and after. You will be offered to take a shower, use a clean towel, etc.

What can I expect?

One of our beautiful models will greet you and invite you to a private room. You will have a small talk about the session and any modifications you might want to implement into it. The session can begin with deep tissue rub and then move to more erotic strokes all over your body. Very pleasurable and seductive. Nuru slide is extremely HOT and EROTIC. We are one of the hottest erotic Nuru providers in New York, Manhattan. We don't smoke... but we know how to set fires or best body rubs in NYC.

What is couples massage?

Does it turn you on to see your lover enjoying herself? A couples massage involves two romantic partners being massaged by one or two massage therapists. Usually, the couples are side by side and maintain touch throughout the session. Getting a massage together can strengthen intimate relationships by allowing you to experience pleasure without either one of you having to do the work. Both of you can relax and enjoy the seductive touch. A couples massage in NYC is uncensored, untamed and hypnotic. Spice up an established or emerging relationship with this special time together at Nuru Studio.

What is a body rub massage?

What is a body rub massage? A body rub massage is a heavenly, relaxing erotic type of massage. This type of massage therapy is very effective in releasing built-up stress and sexual frustration. Lotion or oil is rubbed over the body then the therapist will rub your entire body, paying special attention to erogenous and sensitive zones. If you are itching for a full body massage that will arouse you but leave you completely satisfied, try a body rub. This kind of massage is also great for alleviating any knots or tension in the body and calming the mind.

What is a light fetish massage?

A light fetish massage is a great way to dip your toes into the world of fantasy and BDSM (an umbrella term encompassing bondage and discipline and sadism and masochism). Explore forbidden kinks such as light bondage. In this scenario, the massage therapist can act as a dominatrix. The client is tied up with rope, silk scarfs or handcuffs then it is time for the masseur will tease them to the point of ecstasy… and beyond. Other kinks worth exploring are spanking, worship, role play, blindfolding and foot fetish play. Another form of BDSM is psychological or mind control play.

What is a choco slide massage?

There is nothing more luscious than being covered in chocolate by a beautiful masseuse. In this type of massage both client and therapist strip down to the nude. The delicious aroma of chocolate releases endorphins into the brain, decreasing stress and pain and increasing happiness levels. As with other Nuru type massages, the masseuse will slide her body up and down yours, using different body parts to caress and apply pressure. The chocolate lotion that we use at Nuru Studio is designed to provide a sensuous, frictionless experience and deliver enthralling results. Recommended for those who love to spoil themselves.

What is a bourbon massage?

Want a luxurious body slide massage and adore the smell and taste of premium rum? A bourbon massage really gets the blood flowing! Your masseuse will cover you in our signature bourbon concoction and then the full body contact starts. With this magical type of body slide massage, commit to adult fun on a divine, unabashed level. You will be delighted with the feeling of your massage therapist’s naked skin against yours, her orgasmic touch and the thrilling climax that you will think about for weeks and months to come. After your massage, enjoy a warm, unhurried shower.

Is Nuru massage just for relaxation?

The short answer is no. While Nuru massage is very relaxing, it has many other applications. The original purpose of Nuru massage was to provide a satisfying sexual experience for visitors to Japanese brothels when penetrative sex between worker and client was banned. Nuru massage therapy is useful for treating sexual frustration and boosting general health as well as improving poor circulation. Nuru therapy has also been proven to address mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Because of the intimate, captivating nature of Nuru massage, many people who undergo the therapy experience it as a spiritual event.

What are the benefits of Nuru massage?

The benefits of the exotic art of Nuru massage are many. First up, it’s incredibly pleasurable. Perhaps the most fun you can have in New York City! What could go wrong with a bottle of frictionless gel, a frisky masseuse and ample time to get lost in her hypnotic touch? Nuru massage therapy not only relieves stress, but it also relaxes sore and tired muscles. The Nuru massage gel (made from the same type of seaweed used to make sushi) will leave your skin moisturized and supple. This type of massage therapy is also useful for eliminating toxins from the body.

Can I get a massage if I’m in any pain?

Yes. Just about every civilization in human history has used massage to treat pain and illness. While a Nuru or erotic body rub massage is not a therapeutic type of massage therapy, it will alleviate muscle soreness or tension. If you are wondering if a sensual massage and back pain go together, rest assured that this kind of massage therapy should not make mild muscle soreness or tension any worse and may provide some relief. Please see a doctor if you are in moderate or severe pain or have a chronic injury as any physical activity could cause further problems.

What do I do during my massage therapy treatment?

This is really up to you. At Nuru Studio we offer many different options including a Massage Her service. This is for men who like to touch as well as be touched. But if all you want to do is lie back, relax and use your imagination to think about what’s coming next, that’s fine too! If you need to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or if you find yourself dozing off, rest assured that your therapist won’t be offended at all. Our only desire is to work out what gives you the goosebumps that you’re looking for.

Will massage be painful or uncomfortable to receive?

Should a massage be painful? While some types of massage, like Shiatsu or deep tissue massage, are more forceful than others, massage therapy should never cause severe discomfort or pain. Massage therapists will not always be able to tell what the best level of pressure for any particular client is so it’s important that you speak up, tell your masseur your preferences up front and let her know if a massage is too hard or too soft. Also, let your masseur know if you have any particularly sensitive areas and be aware of any medical conditions that will cause pain.

Should I tip my massage therapist?

Should you tip massage therapists? Like other service professionals, it is customary for masseurs to be tipped. This is especially true when you have experienced an amazing time. Leaving a generous tip is not just kindness. It is also a way to reward great service. Sometimes it can be confusing to work out where to leave a tip. If you are unsure, remember to ask your therapist. You can also check with our reception team. Our massage therapists aim to go above and beyond for all our clients, so if this is your experience, a tip is well deserved.

How much should I tip?

How much should you tip a massage therapist? It is customary to tip massage therapists at least 20%. Of course, if you feel that your experience was not the best it could be, please let us know. If you are confused about whether you can leave a tip in cash or credit card, please ask your massage therapist or any member of our friendly reception team. Our massage therapists love their jobs, but they typically expend a great deal of physical and emotional energy treating clients, so we love to see them rewarded appropriately. Appreciation builds passion!

Must I be completely undressed?

Not at all. It’s typical for clients receiving a massage to remove all clothing, but it’s not mandatory. If you feel shy about removing your underwear, it’s fine to leave it on. However one of the biggest benefits of Nuru or erotic full body contact massage is the enchanting sensations of bare skin upon skin, so we do recommend you strip down completely. All our massage therapists are non-judgemental, and we appreciate all kinds of bodies. Some of our clients are shy or reserved at first, but let their inhibitions go once the session is underway.

Why am I sore after a massage?

Will you be sore after a massage? Generally, a massage will help get rid of soreness, but on some occasions, you may be a little sore after a massage. Most often this is because the therapy has touched on a sensitive muscle and because massage is somewhat similar to exercise — it forces blood to move. The soreness should give way to relief in a day or so. If you have any spots that are still feeling sore after a few days, please consult with a doctor. Treatments such as ice packs may be effective if you are experiencing minor discomfort.

Will I be covered during the session?

You will not be covered during a Nuru massage session, but during a general erotic or body rub appointment, it is possible for your massage therapist to drape a cover over you. Please ask if you would like this. So that your therapist can explore every sexy inch of you, we recommend only very minimal coverage. If you are feeling shy about anything, we encourage you to relax and enjoy yourself. We invite you to be as shameless and brazen as you like and tell us what really turns you on, whether you are completely naked or not.

Will the massage therapist be there when I undress?

Generally, your massage therapist will allow you to undress in private. But if you have a different plan in mind, please let her know. As with other aspects of the session, what will happen is largely determined by your preferences and yearnings. Perhaps you would like your therapist to start the session with a spellbinding striptease? As what thrills you largely depends on individual preference, we’ll leave it up to you to guide this X-rated experience. Unless you’d prefer to sit back and let your massage therapist expose her cheeky personality and lead the way? The choice is yours.

Should I talk to the massage therapist during the massage?

Again, this is entirely up to you. There is definitely no rule about speaking or not speaking during a massage. We recommend you do what makes you comfortable. Some clients like to vocalize what they are feeling, and some don’t. It’s all good with us because this is your time. Just remember you’re not required to make small talk, but let us know if there’s something you would like. Please let your therapist know if you’re hot or cold or are experiencing any discomfort. Also, tell your therapist if she is talking too much or if you’d prefer more conversation.

The pressure isn’t deep enough, but I don’t want to insult the massage therapist’s technique. What should I do?

This is a really easy problem to fix. Tell her! We promise she won’t be offended. While our massage therapists are very talented masseurs and some of the hottest women in NYC, they are not mind-readers. What is a good level of pressure for one person can be too hard or too soft for the next person. So you really need to be able to let her know what isn’t working for you. As well as the level of pressure, your therapist can adjust the length of strokes and the areas that she is focusing on to your satisfaction.