What Is an Erotic Shower Massage?

Table Shower Massage is an Amazing Experience You Need to Try

An erotic shower massage is a sensual, happy ending massage involving multiple shower heads suspended on a bar overhanging a self-draining table.

Table shower is often code for massage studios that provide erotic services. Many cheap establishments will display the term on their website or on outdoor signage. But a shower massage also often takes place in high-end resorts and spas. Shower massage treatments are often called Vichy showers, named after the luxury spa and resort city of Vichy in central France.

During a shower massage, your masseuse will scrub you down and rub hydrating lotion all over your body, meaning that you’ll walk out with clean, soft skin. Water will cascade down onto you as the skilled hands of your masseuse smooth out tension and soreness.

What Are the Benefits of Erotic Shower Massage?

People talk a lot about the benefits of regular massage therapy, and there certainly is a lot. The physical benefits alone include better circulation, an improved immune system, and relief for tired muscles. In terms of mental health, regular massage has proven effective in treating anxiety and depression as well as decreasing stress levels in general.

But what about sexual frustration? Have you ever been for a nice massage which soothed your sore muscles and relaxed your mind, but left you feeling hot and horny? Maybe the masseuse was really cute, or her expert touch inspired an embarrassing and inappropriate erection. Either way, you left without the satisfaction you needed. And that’s frustrating, right? It’s like if you intended to buy a pork belly sandwich, but only received two pieces of bread.

At Nuru Studio, our endings are always happy. No walking out of our massage studio wishing that you’d booked something else. Our ladies are beautiful goddesses skilled in the art of pleasure. Just looking at them will inspire delight. Imagine how it feels when you get to touch them and be touched. Imagine delicate caresses, firm handling where you need it and their smooth, nude skin against yours. In life, our deepest calling is to experience joy. To live fully in the presence of mysterious beauty. To bask in the sunlight of total bliss.

Erotic massage also has the power to treat sexual problems such as premature ejaculation. Book a session with us and you’ll be paired with a stunning, naked, friendly stranger skilled in Tantric practices. What better environment to learn the rewards of restraint?

Add the healing powers of hydrotherapy to erotic massage and you have table shower erotic massage. Hydrotherapy dates back to Ancient Greece when philosophers like Plato and Hippocrates experimented with and wrote about the potential of water to cure ailments. In the Roman Age, thermal bath houses became a place where people gathered to heal but also to socialize. Wounded soldiers visited the baths to recuperate. With such a long history, it’s no wonder that hydrotherapy is still revered for its curative and restorative properties. And no wonder that erotic shower massage is one of the hottest trends around.

Things You Should Know Before Getting an Erotic Shower Massage at Nuru Studio

We don’t Photoshop our models so when you book an appointment with one of our girls, what you see is what you get. Whether you prefer someone who is busty or lithe, blonde or brunette, we have someone to knock your socks off. And we mean right off.

We keep your information private. In the digital age, it’s normal to worry about your information getting out and about where it shouldn’t. Rest assured that we use a code to identify you and we use the highest levels of encryption to protect your personal data. We will never send you unsolicited text messages, so you don’t need to worry about anyone finding out about your visits to us.

We are not a low-rent, street corner or supermarket massage establishment. We employ only educated, talented staff and provide them with the necessary training to ensure you have the ultimate erotic massage experience. You deserve the best, and our mission is to deliver it to you. Our massage studios are discreetly located and furnished for luxurious comfort. Visiting us will feel like coming home, not like visiting a cheap motel.

Should You Get an Erotic Shower Massage?

Do you like the idea of being caressed by jets of water and a beautiful girl at the same time? Your aching muscles treated by the power of hydrotherapy while you are teased to a mind-blowing climax? We thought so. Book in your erotic shower massage right now. It’s something that should be experienced at least once every lifetime. But be warned. If you try it once, you’ll probably be back for more before you know it. Have a look through our catalog of models and pick someone you’d love to spend some quality time with today.


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