When to tip your masseuse for a body rub?

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When to tip your masseuse for a body rub?

Would you like to show your masseuse that you are absolutely satisfied with a body rub session in Manhattan? In this case, the best thing you can do to demonstrate that you are pleased with the therapy is to tip her. However, the rules of tipping here are slightly different from those which you get used to following when you go to the restaurant in the center of New York.

When is it the right time to tip?

Although you should definitely tip your specialist for having a procedure of bodyrub, it’s better to do it only when the professional has finished the session. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if this masseuse works for herself or provides the therapy in the salon or clinic.

Why do you need to pay?

Some people believe that people working in massage salons get higher salaries than waitresses or receptionists. Nonetheless, such a point of view is wrong. In fact, the wage masseuses get for bodyrub sessions in Manhattan are not as big as they should be, especially if they provide their services in massage salons.

As most of the professionals say, their wage starts from $17 per hour. Of course, this sum increases when they get more experienced. Nevertheless, it’s still not enough for those who are eager to live a fulfilling life. What’s more, it can get lower if there aren’t as many clients in the salon. All these factors make a good tip a must for customers who want to demonstrate that they are pleased with the body rub session.

Furthermore, don’t forget that all of the masseuses have to pass professional exams before getting paid for their services, and also they need to pay for their licenses that is at least $200 in NYC.

How much to tip?

This question is also quite essential. Of course, clients can give as much money as they desire. However, the tip should start from at least 15% of the sum they paid for bodyrub therapy. For example, if the session costs $100, a client has to pay at least $15.

One more essential thing to mention about tipping is how it’s done in salons in NYC. Most clinics where body rub services are provided include tips in the final price. That’s why you don’t have to pay anything additional to the masseuses. Nonetheless, you can still do this to show that you really appreciate the work she has done. Moreover, don’t be afraid to tip. By doing this, you show that you appreciate the services you have got, and it makes the professional feel that other people value her work.


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