How to practice Nuru Massage with your partner?

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How to practice Nuru Massage with your partner?

Do you want to please your beloved partner? Then you should offer him to try a session of Nuru massage. Such a procedure isn’t as complicated as a therapeutic one, and you can practice it at home.

What’s Nuru massage?

Nuru massage is a technique that was created in ancient Japan, and this therapy is one of the most frequently-used tantra sessions.

The term “Nuru” term means slippery in Japanese. That’s why during such a session the bodies are rubbing against each other. In this case, both of them get naked.

The main equipment

To make the procedure satisfying for both in the couple, it’s not needed to use any professional equipment. The only tool required is a Nuru gel. This’s a body lotion mixed with water. This texture consists of natural ingredients. That’s why it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

The main ingredients of this gel are “Nori”. This’s an extract of seaweed discovered deeply on the Japanese coast. This lotion also includes grapefruit extract and other herbs.

The main reason to use this gel during the session of Nuru massage is to avoid any hurt. Before the procedure, both the masseur and his client get covered with this lotion. As a result, movements get softer.

Rules of Nuru massage

To succeed, it’s essential to follow the main rules of Nuru massage including:

  • To make eye contact. It’s significant to look at your partner during the procedure. It helps to see what another person feels without words and improves non-verbal communication.
  • Use the right mattress. To avoid any pain, it’s better to conduct such sessions on air mattresses. With such an item, both bodies can slide softly. And don’t forget to cover it with a blanket to avoid spoiling it with a Nuru gel.
  • Slightly increase the pressure. It’s better to start with milder movements. Only when both of you get used to the procedure, you can add some strength. Such movements are aimed to help to deal with physical pain.

The main benefits

Nuru massage has many profits for both in the couple. After the session, they:

  • Feel closer to each other;
  • Get less anxious and depressed;
  • Improve their immune systems;
  • Affect blood circulation.

However, to feel all of these pros, it’s better to repeat Nuru massage therapy regularly. Moreover, it’s essential to improve your skills. It will help you absolutely delight your beloved partner. In this case, you can watch some tutorials or even get educated in specific massage schools in NYC.


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