How to make your partner happy with Nuru Massage

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When to tip your masseuse for a body rub?

Nuru massage was created in Kawasaki, specifically in ancient Japan. It's an erotic technique that allows you to have an absolute pleasure without any intimacy. The process brings the masseuse closer to her guest, an emotional, candid unity. It opens up sensual opportunities that you don't know about until you get to the session. What’s more, relaxation in the company of a therapist with a well-shaped body allows you to get rid of stress.

The way this Nuru massage is provided

Erotic massage session is practiced using a special Nuru gel. It has no color or smell. It is made of seaweed, from which the massage technique got its name. This body lotion is applied to the whole body by both the specialist performing it and the specialist. It improves the sliding of the body.

Maximum contact between the specialist and the client is the second most significant difference of the massage technique in NYC. The specialist’s body slips over your body. This person touches all parts of your body, opens the most intimate areas, and can even touch your face. Such close contact is much more exciting and promotes the greatest relaxation. You'll probably think that your therapist is everywhere, so tightly you'll be in contact.

How is a Nuru massage session conducted?

Nuru massage as relaxation leisure should be performed by professional masseurs, for whom sexual techniques are more important than intimacy. Such masters know all about male pleasure.

This erotic massage is performed as follows:

After taking a shower, you are comfortably placed on the softest mattress. You are absolutely naked, of course. The specialist is also naked.

Your specialist from New York City starts rubbing your body and with a special Nuru gel preheated in the palms of your hand in order not to cause any discomfort.

With his exciting touches and hot body, the specialist will bring you to an unforgettable pleasure.

What is unique about Nuru massage?

  • It's completely relaxing;
  • It rejuvenates the body;
  • It speeds up circulation of stagnant blood and reduces blood pressure;
  • This session improves your general health;
  • Such a therapy reduces anxiety and stress;
  • It helps reduce muscle tension.

After the massage program in New York, you can get full physical and mental relaxation, feel the rush of new energy, clear the mind, and powerful tactile sensations will help to completely get rid of stress. So, don’t hesitate and try a Nuru session in Manhattan!


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