How to choose Nuru Massage in New York?

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How to choose Nuru Massage in New York?

Nuru massage is one of the most ancient tantra techniques. It was created in Japan several hundred years ago. However, it’s come to the American world only recently. Despite this fact, it’s become frequently-used in New York City and other areas of the USA quickly because it has a marvelous therapeutic effect. That’s why there’re lots of masseurs practicing this technique, and it’s complicated to find a guru among them, especially if you have never visited such therapies before. These easy tips will help you.

The specialist’s education

The first thing you ought to pay attention to while choosing a Nuru massage therapist is the presence of education. To get aware of it, you should find out if he has a license. Such a document is provided to people who have studied in massage schools and passed professional examinations.

Furthermore, those specialists who take care of their clients always try to improve their skills and visit additional professional courses regularly. If they attend such lectures, they ought to have certificates.

How long he’s been working

It’s better to get Nuru massage from a specialist who is not only well-educated but also has been practicing for years. Professionals who have been dedicated to the industry for a long time know how to apply techniques in practice, and they are aware of how to make their clients pleased.


One more thing that will help you find out if you should book a Nuru massage session with this therapist is the reviews. Reading comments posted by people who have already visited this professional will help you understand who he interacts with his clients and if his procedures are worth the price you ought to pay.

What equipment is used

The main difference of Nuru massage is the fact that the specialists get absolutely naked to rub their clients’ bodies. That’s why patients can feel pain during the procedure if a special gel isn’t used.

Nuru gel is a body lotion that covers client’s and masseur’s bodies to make body rub softer. Such a lotion consists of natural components, and it’s absolutely safe for the health. The main ingredient is “Nori”. This’s a seaweed found in Japan. This gel also includes herbs such as Aloe Vera and fruit extracts.

Furthermore, while choosing the specialist draw your attention to the type of mattress used for the session. The best masseurs prefer air mattresses because they are more comfortable for the clients.


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