How Nuru Massage took over the Western world

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How Nuru Massage took over the Western world

These days it’s even impossible to imagine a person living in New York and not trying or at least hearing about Nuru massage technique. So, it’s difficult to disagree with the fact that such a practice has already taken over the Western world. And the professionals aren’t surprised by this fact because this practice can bring even more advantages that a traditional massage technique. Nonetheless, some individuals still don’t understand why Nuru massage is so popular.

The technique of Nuru massage

This massage technique appeared in the ancient times. A homeland of Nuru massage is considered to be Japan. If we translate this word from Japanese, we will find out that “Nuru” is the same as “Slippery” in English. This massage technique has such a name because during the session both the masseuse and the client have to get absolutely undressed, and the specialist is rubbing against the client’s body during the procedure in New York.

Facilities for Nuru massage

Although this technique differs a lot from a traditional massage, it’s still done on a usual massage table. Nevertheless, some specialists in New York City prefer using soft mattresses for this practice.

To make masseuse’s movements softer, a gel produced specifically for Nuru massage is used. This lotion covers the professional’s and client’s bodies, and the contexture of this gel isn’t viscous. That’s why there aren’t any uncomfortable feelings during the procedure conducted in our massage salon in NY. The main purpose of this gel is to make movements more intense. One more advantage of the lotion is that there aren’t any imprints after using it.

Furthermore, it’s also needed to note that a Nuru gel consists of natural components. That’s why you won’t have any allergies after the procedure.

Reasons why Nuru massage has taken over the Western world

Even though Nuru massage appeared a lot of centuries ago in Asia, it started to spread among people living in the USA only several years ago. However, it’s become popular quickly in Manhattan because this practice has even more beneficial features than a traditional session. The main reason for the popularity of Nuru massage is the fact that it helps you feel better not only physically but also emotionally. You can get rid of any negativity and your muscles will be released. That’s why Nuru massage is definitely your choice in case if you feel pain in your spine.


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