How Nuru Massage became one of the most popular session

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When to tip your masseuse for a body rub?

Nuru is an amazing action that includes both body massaging and an absolute excitement on both sides. After all, in mutual touch so much mystery and sensuality! Indulge yourself in the relaxation technique of Nuru massage, a kind of relaxation in Manhattan, which involves sliding on the strong body of a man.

The basics of Nuru massage in NYC

Nuru massage was born in Kawasaki, Japan a few centuries ago. Initially, it was not erotic, but the client was so excited in the process that it was decided to use only people of the opposite gender as specialists so that there would be no embarrassing moments. Since the clients were often men, the masters were women.

There's plenty of eroticism in this technique. To ensure smooth sliding, a specialist lubricates the body with a special gel without taste and smell, so as not to distract the client from the action. Doing it in clothes is uncomfortable, so the pro is completely naked.

The difference between Nuru massage and other techniques

Nuru is an erotic massage that differs from others in that it is performed on an impermeable surface. The salons use gumbo glue, which is stuck directly on the bed to make the guest soft and comfortable. In the process, the therapist provides full tactile contact, touching the guest with all her charming bulges.

The session lasts until the man reaches the full excitement and readiness to finish. It turns out to be a real Japanese relaxation with a stormy relaxation at the end.

How does the Nuru massage work?

This is not just a classic session in New York City, but a special Eastern method of giving a man pleasure, so everything happens consistently. The stages of massage in the Nuru massage:

  • 1. Have a shower, which relaxes and prepares the body for further caresses.
  • 2. Small spectacle: the master slowly undresses and erotic greases herself with Nuru gel.
  • 3. Basic stage: sliding massage performed with the whole body of the therapist. It is absolutely breathtaking!
  • 4. Relax: the professional changes the tactics and focuses on the main intimate areas of the guest, bringing him to ecstasy.

All this happens in a room with dim lights and oriental atmosphere everywhere: aromas, incense, ethnic music.

Would you like to feel an absolute pleasure during the session of Nuru massage in NYC? Then our specialists with years of experience are ready to satisfy you! So, book a session and get delighted.


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