How Body Rub Benefits Men’s Health

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How Body Rub Benefits Men’s Health

Often people perceive massage as a certain luxury. So, some men go to body rub in NY once or twice a year. You will be surprised, but often this is due to the fact that they believe that such procedures are meaningless. In fact, body to body massage in Manhattan is a procedure that will bring a lot of positive emotions and relieve stress, and now we will tell you why you should book therapy of bodyrub.

Improved circulation and lymph flow

The lifestyle of a modern man is becoming less and less active, and people can be in an uncomfortable position for hours, which means that our muscles get less blood, oxygen and healthy nutrients during the day. Sessions of bodyrub can prevent serious consequences and improve overall health.

That is why such therapies will be amazing for those men who are suffering from different chronic diseases or have cancer because such procedures will influence these issues and decrease their impact.

Better mood

It has been proved that after a body to body massage the number of endorphins gets higher. That is why such physical therapy reduces pain and similarly influences the emotional state. Serotonin is also released. The interaction of several neurotransmitters leads to better emotional health. The release of serotonin promotes emotional stability and improves mood. Serotonin also stimulates human motor activity and helps to establish biorhythms.

There is also a decrease in blood stress hormones. After a bodyrub therapy, adrenaline, cortisol and noradrenaline are reduced.

Thus, relaxing muscles, we contribute to emotional stability and improve the mood of the clients.

Although body to body massage is not a long-term or the only treatment for depression or anxiety, it is certainly shown in such conditions, as it can help to temporarily soothe some of the symptoms, making the person calmer and happier by adding more energy.

Healthy sleep

Good full rest and excellent quality of sleep is the key to the normal functioning of the body after waking up.

However, sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and depression. For each of these illnesses, body to body massage in New York can provide some healing effect.

In addition, healthy sleep is hampered by muscle tension and stress. The quality of sleep depends on how much we can relax, and, of course, to get rid of insomnia, massage to help us.

The massage provokes the production of serotonin. And serotonin is needed to produce melatonin, which helps to control our biological rhythm so that we can function normally during the day and sleep properly at night.

Overall, A relaxing massage can be a great, surprisingly pleasant way to tone up, relieve nervous tension and prevent many diseases. Is there anything more important in our stressful world? So, what are you waiting for? Book a session with one of our experienced masseuses and forget about your problems for at least a couple of hours.


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