Difference between Nuru and Sensual massages

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Difference between Nuru Massage and Sensual Massage

There are lots of types of erotic massage procedures, and some people who aren’t experienced in this aspect think that all of them are the same. Nonetheless, all of the practices provided in New York are different. To find out what distinctions between Nuru massage and sensual massage, read this article.

Everything to know about Nuru massage

This therapeutic procedure arrived from Japan several years ago. Even though it’s been used by specialists from Manhattan for not so much time, this procedure has a long-term history. To know more, about this practice, it’s better to learn its origins.

Nuru massage appeared in ancient Japan. In this Asian language, this term means “Slippery” because the specialist and the client are absolutely naked during the session. In this case, the professional uses body rub techniques while providing services. To avoid any tension, both bodies are covered with special lotion also known as Nuru gel. It has adhesive consistency, and only natural ingredients are exploited for production. The main of them is Nori. This is the name of extract found on the Japanese coast. Since this gel doesn’t contain any unnatural ingredients, it’s absolutely safe for your health.

One more thing that makes this type of erotic massage a unique therapy is that the specialist uses a mattress instead of a traditional massage table with a head cradle. It’s covered with a blanket to protect it from the gel.

What is a sensual massage?

Even though sessions of sensual massage are also needed to stimulate erogenous zones, such a practice differs from the previous one. Its main uniqueness is that the professional starts the procedure with more therapeutic movements. However, the atmosphere during this session is romantic. In this case, the specialist can turn on the music and light up candles with a pleasant smell. It also helps the client to relax and forget about any negative feelings at least for a couple of hours.

One more thing which can be done to make the session of sensual massage more romantic is a happy ending massage. These can be some extra services such as a handjob.

Overall, even though these therapeutic techniques are completely different, they are considered erotic massage sessions. What’s more, the main thing in common between these procedures in New York is that both of them will definitely satisfy you.


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