Deep tissue massage vs Sensual caresses

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Deep tissue massage vs Sensual caresses

There’re lots of types of the erotic massage, and most of these techniques can be provided in our salon located in Manhattan. These procedures are required to deal with different health problems. That’s why if you choose the wrong session, it can affect your health in a bad way. If you don’t want such issues to happen, it’s better to find out what is the difference between deep tissue massage and sensual massage.

What’s deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of physical therapy when the professionals are aimed to reach deeper layers of the body. In this case, they apply more pressure and make strokes slower. The main reason to book such a procedure is to get these benefits for physical health:

  • To decrease pain in back and neck;
  • To solve issues with posture;
  • To minimize chronic pain in muscles.

This therapy is a marvelous choice not only for young adults. It will be great for seniors who are dealing with a lack of physical activity.

Since a deep tissue massage is aimed to fight against health problems, it’s recommended to contact the therapist before booking a procedure.

What’s a sensual massage?

Sensual caresses also known as a sensual massage is different from the previous technique. The main uniqueness of this procedure is the fact that this session is aimed to help clients stimulate their erogenous zones. That’s why masseurs from NYC set a romantic atmosphere before the procedure. In this case, they can add candles, and while massaging they use aroma oils.

One more difference of sensual massage is the fact that to get absolutely satisfied, clients can request to finish the procedure with a happy ending massage. This extra service includes a handjob.

Aspects connecting these techniques

Even though there’re lots of differences between these massage techniques, they have a lot in common. The main aspect of connecting sensual massage and deep tissue sessions is the fact that professionals use special equipment to make procedures more comfortable for their clients. These tools include:

  • A massage table having a head cradle;
  • Oils to make movements softer;
  • A blanket to cover the table.

Summing up, both techniques are great for physical and mental health. But if you want to feel absolutely delighted, it’s better to use them together. Such therapy will have an amazing effect if you decide to book a course provided by a professional massage guru in New York City.


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