Bodyrub: The Most Helpful Session for Complete Delight

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Bodyrub: The Most Helpful Session for Complete Delight

Bodyrub in New York is what all men should try if they want to forget about everyday stress and get rid of unpleasant feelings in their muscles. To make you satisfied, our beautiful masseuses use different movements during bodyrub in NY, affecting different parts of men's bodies.

Each movement for unforgettable delight

Our masseuses do their best during bodyrub in New York. In this case, they use the following movements:

● Rubbing. Rubbing can be deep or superficial. In the first case, thumbs, palm ribs, or its base are involved in the process. During the second, the masseuse uses only her fingertips while providing bodyrub in NY. Deep and superficial rubbing is performed in different directions, covering the shoulder and neck area. Stretching massage improves the function of the internal organs.

● Stretching. This is a massage technique in which there is direct kneading and simultaneous pulling of the skin of the back with the fingers. During bodyrub in NY, it's done in a comb-like and pincer-like manner.

● Tapping. During tapping, the masseuse lightly strikes the back with the ribs of the hand or the upper surface of the fingers. The fingers may be closed into a fist or relaxed. This technique bodyrub in NYC has a restorative effect on the entire body, actively contracting muscles and causing the blood to circulate faster, enriching tissues with oxygen and useful nutrients.

● Pressure. This technique involves first applying gentle 5-second pressures and then increasing the pressure over a longer time. The pressing technique during bodyrub in New York is most commonly used to work on the spine area.

● Fumbling. During these massage movements, the palms move, squeeze and stretch the muscles of the back. It's one of the most gentle methods of bodyrub in NY, most often used for injured backs when the muscles are weakened and there are painful sensations.

● Vibration. Vibratory movements are carried out in quick, even movements. During this part of bodyrub in New York, vibrations are produced that reach deeper into the tissues and muscles. This is the essence of vibratory massage. The work is done on the surface while the functions of the internal organs, blood vessels, and nerves are improved deep inside.

● Strokes. This part of bodyrub in New York consists of stroking movements of the hands along the entire back. The pressure of the strokes increases as the masseur rises from the lower back to the shoulders. First, the back area is stroked, then the shoulders. After such manipulations, the temperature of the skin and blood circulation in vessels increases, the nervous system is calmed, and the stroking massage has an analgesic effect.

To make you pleased, our girls add different oils and lotions, letting you feel only soft movements and forget about pressure and fatigue. So, don't wait. Book a session with our experienced masseuses now!


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