Body rub NYC: to Tip or not to Tip?

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Body rub NYC: to Tip or not to Tip?

Tips are the client's gratitude. However, some people believe that the only place where they have to leave them to the staff are restaurants. It is not so, and it’s better to show your appreciation financially to the specialists who provide erotic massage services in NY.

Why is it better to tip?

Specialists providing erotic massage sessions in New York City may officially receive a little salary, and they need a tip to pay for housing and food. However, in this matter it is important not to fall into a moral trap: you do not have to just give money to a person for doing their job. Nonetheless, if the masseuse does it well, why not thank this beautiful and professional girl. It is a trifle for you, it is a pleasure.

Sometimes, the money received from customers over the price is summed up and shared between the waiters and other service staff who do not interact with visitors.

It happens that the service fee is included in the bill. It is indicated by a separate line, and it is easy to find it in the check. In this case, there is no need to leave extra money. The reward for bodyrub sessions is a right, not an obligation of the client, and to impose it illegally.

How much to tip?

There are no laws that regulate how much should be left for tea. The size of gratitude is determined by tradition. Thus, in erotic massage salons in New York City, it is customary to leave at least 15% of the service cost. However, this does not mean that the masseuse will be upset if you give this professional more.

15% is a very convenient amount to calculate because you do not need any calculators or a sheet of paper and a pen. Just take the number from the check without decimal places and remove the last digit from it.

However, be aware of the following rules:

  • The basic 15% say that the service was okay. If you think that the service was excellent, you should leave more tips.
  • You should leave 20% of the cost of an body to body massage in New York City if the service was good, 25% if the service was excellent, and 30% for the perfect service.

Additional rules

Several straightforward rules will help to thank the masseuse with dignity, without offending her:

Do not be embarrassed while giving a tip, it is better to smile sincerely and say "Thank you" aloud;

You can't pay money with a kind of favor or hint at any additional services.

A good service must be rewarded

It doesn’t matter what your location, good service is good service everywhere. If you feel that you like everything and the therapists are a part of it, then leaving a tip is the right thing to do. Furthermore, if it's the opposite, you didn't like it, you felt disrespected by the Nuru massage in Midtown East, they were not polite, tell us what exactly you didn't like. Nevertheless, we guarantee that the erotic massage in our NY salon will go perfectly.

Tipping is a sign of gratitude. How much to pay depends on the quality of erotic massage in New York City and your mood, but you should not leave too small a sum. Our masseuses will be grateful to you for a financial reward.


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