Benefits of Nuru Massage Therapy for Men

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Benefits of Nuru Massage Therapy for Men

Nuru massage comes from ancient Japan. The Japanese, who know a lot about erotic pleasures, invented this massage technique many centuries ago. Nuru massage in Midtown and other cities of the USA allows a man to get full satisfaction through the intensive sliding of the female body on male's erogenous zones.

The main things to know about Nuru Massage

The whole essence of the technique lies in the name itself. Nuru from Japanese means "slippery, smooth". The program implies a complete absence of clothes on the masseuse and the client. The specialist applies a special gel to most of her body thanks to which the skin becomes even smoother, gentler and glides well like silk.

Advantages of Nuru massage in NYC

One of the main advantages of Nuru massage in Long Island City is a gel. It has no smell and taste at all. In addition, this lotion cannot cause allergic reactions, which eliminates contraindications and makes the massage available to everyone.

Another advantage of Nuru massage in Midtown is that it has a good effect on erogenous zones. After applying the gel, the masseuse starts to massage through pleasant contact with her partner's body. The masseuse brings the client to the ecstasy by touching the body: legs, thighs, chest, arms, intimate areas each part of her body will make the nerve endings tremble and get unearthly pleasure. The power of Nuru massage is a huge competition to traditional means of fighting depression, stress and tension. During the massage, there is a complete disconnection from the outside world with all its problems and turmoil, the body of the masseuse makes you concentrate directly on obtaining pleasure. After the body to body massage session in Midtown, you can get a full physical and mental relaxation, feel the burst of new energy, clear the mind, and powerful tactile sensations will help you completely get rid of stress.

How the massage is done

Nuru massage is not just a classic session, and a special Eastern method of giving a man pleasure, so everything happens consistently. The stages of massage in the technique of Nuru:

  • Preliminary shower, which relaxes and prepares the body for further procedures.
  • Beginning the procedure, the therapist slowly undresses and lubricates herself with Nuru gel.
  • Main part. A sliding massage is performed by the whole body of the master.
  • Relaxation. The girl changes tactics and focuses on the main intimate areas of the guest, bringing him to ecstasy.

This erotic massage in Midtown East and other American cities takes place in a room with muted lights and oriental atmosphere everywhere: aromas of incense and ethnic music.

What you feel after Nuru massage

The strong tactile sensations of the Nuru massage in NY time help to maximally relax and relieve stress. In addition, this Japanese technique allows both a man and a masseuse to get very strong emotions. Usually, men will remember a session of such massage for life.

So, book a session of Body to Body massage in Manhattan if you are tired or want to feel new emotions.


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