5 Things Experienced Masseuses Avoid During Bodyrub Sessions

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5 Things Experienced Masseuses Avoid During Bodyrub Sessions

The problem of choosing a skilled masseuse is quite acute today. However, our masseuses do their best to help you avoid unpleasant feelings during a bodyrub session. Here are the 10 things they avoid to make you delighted.

The same oil for all clients

Only a bad masseuse thinks that a bodyrub in Manhattan should be performed only with a certain oil, cream, or lotion. In the first session, without feeling your skin, she puts some product on your body. Remember, a good masseuse will strive to massage with a product designed specifically for your skin to make a bodyrub in Manhattan more delightful.


Bodyrub in Manhattan should not cause severe pain. If you have to endure pain during a session, chances are the bad masseuse is not performing the techniques right or not feeling your tissues. A good masseuse will always feel the pain without your word, ask about the nature and intensity of the pain, change the action in the place of pain and achieve its reduction. Even strongly performed techniques from a good massage therapist will range from 1 to 7 on a 10-point pain scale. If pain occurs during the bodyrub massage, it is "pleasant", of moderate intensity. The strongest pain can be only in some trigger points, with which an experienced masseuse will work separately.

Lack of movement

A bad masseuse doesn't move during the bodyrub massage. Her hands move, but she doesn’t move on her feet, her body is almost motionless during a bodyrub session in Manhattan. A good masseuse is not static. She moves during the bodyrub session, supporting the rhythm of the massage, taking the most favorable positions for the techniques, takes care of her health and professional longevity, and doesn't create a static load herself.

Constant conversation

A good masseuse sometimes needs to focus on some parts of your muscles to work properly. Often a good masseuse will close her eyes at this point, slow down or stop the pace, and ask a question on how you feel during a bodyrub session. A constant dialogue with the client will not give such an opportunity.

Massage strictly by zones

A good masseuse knows well that your hands and feet are connected with the corresponding parts of the spine, and the reason for scoliosis, for example, can be a different length of the legs or rotation of the pelvis. You will often come across the situation, when you come to a skilled masseuse, that she starts the hand massage with a neck massage, foot massage with a lower back massage, and turns the cervical-collar zone massage into a full back and shoulder massage. A bad masseuse will massage your arm or half of your back separately or just your leg. A good masseuse will work all areas to give you full enjoyment during your bodyrub in Manhattan.


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